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2020 : SPRING

2020 : SPRING - We’re Looking Good

For those in the area, you may have noticed we’ve had a window refresh! Including lovely shawls which make for a great project in this in-between weather and some very cute baby knits.

Top Left : Dotted Rays - Speckled Fade by Stephen West
Bottom Left (clockwise from top left): Simple Shawl by Jane Hunter, Baby Vest from Heirloom 4ply Collection, Shindig Shawl by Sachiko Burgin, Guernsey Jumper from New Born Gifts

Also in the window : 
French Macraroon simple knitted sweater for babies
Extreme crochet basket using K1S1 100% felted merino
Pom Pom Pom a fab book for pompom makers along with our favourite clover pompom makers ;-)

Ceramic work by Caroline Wright a graduating Advanced Diploma Visual Art (Ceramic) student who is exhibiting at Reshaped the exhibition 2-13 October 2020 The Shop Gallery 112 Glebe Point Rd Glebe NSW. Caroline has a passion for both fibre and clay.


Ceramic vessel by Caroline Wright - exploring the relationship between fibre and clay. 

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