Artisan yarn supplier meets vintage seafarer
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Cast off Collective was opened in May 2016 to offer knitters & crocheters on Sydney's northern beaches a neighbourhood wool shop / LYS.

Blending artisan yarn supplies with vintage seafaring our unique and inspiring space supports and nurtures contemporary makers. Celebrating handmade, slow-fashion and craft, Cast off Collective is dedicated to sourcing a range of natural and artisan fibres, useful tools and accessories to inspire you to create your own handcrafted pieces.

We CARE about the full LIFECYCLE of your creations and want to HELP you make INFORMED choices to ensure the best RESULTS for your making.

  • Our passion for natural fibres that are ethically farmed and produced - locally where possible - means you can feel good about your making.
  • Look for the useful specifications and details for all the yarns we stock along with pattern suggestions and recommendations. 
  • Be inspired by our successes and favourite projects where we share details of patterns, yarns, quantities, project costs and worthy notes.
  • Good garment care will ensure your creations become cherished pieces for years and generations to come
  • Meet some of our neighbourhood makers who have shared their stories with us.
  • Checkout our Beginner Notes if you need some help getting started.
  • If all else fails... unravel, start again or gift your supplies to one of the many charities that accept yarn donations. There will always be someone who can use beautiful yarn.

We hope our blend of INSTORE & ONLINE offerings will help you SHOP & MAKE responsibly whilst you ENJOY the rewards that creating your own HANDMADE pieces bring.