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Dotted Rays by Stephen West

2017 knit make/made shawl SHAWLS short rows

2017 : Dotted Rays with Speckled Fade border by Stephen West

Inspired by the speckled yarns, fading projects and chevron designs. A lesson in short rows and shawl shapes.


Craft : knit

Pattern : Dotted Rays - Speckled Fade by Stephen West
Yarn : Wren & Ollie Sock Yarn
Colourway : Bronze Age, Cat's Meow, Pop Rocks (half skein in chevron border), Archimedes
How Much : 4 skeins 
Needle : 3.5mm

Notes : I played with this for a while changing the finish from the simple original dotted rays to the chevron border. 

"more is more less is a bore" Stephen West

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