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Extreme crochet baskets


2020 : Extreme crochet baskets

Let's be honest there is not a lot of physical workout involved in our making. However this is one opportunity. Put on those gym clothes, grab a bump of fully felted merino wool, your 35mm crochet hook and prepare for an extreme crochet workout.


Craft : Crochet

Yarn : K1S1 by Little Dandelion
Colour : Natural
Needle : 35mm

Pattern : UK terminology
ch - chain
dc - double crochet
sl st - slip stitch

Round 1 : Start with an adjustable ring work 6 double crochet into the ring. Slip stitch to join the base round.
Round 2 : chain 1, work 1 double crochet and 1 chain into each of the double crochets from the base round. Slip stitch to join round. (increased to 12 stitches)

For the small size work double crochets into each stitch without further increases.

For a larger basket work an additional round without increases followed by another round of increases. 

Continue till you reach the end of your bump or the size required. Weave the tail into the stitches. 

Note : I worked the sides of the basket in a spiral fashion without slip stitching to join each round. 

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