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Project Highlight - Grace's Crochet Baby Blanket

2022 baby crochet friends HOMEWARES

2022 : July project highlight

This project made my day. I couldn't resist asking a few extra questions of Grace so that I could share the details for everyone to enjoy.

Name : Grace De Wet
How long have you been knitting / crocheting : 4months!
Your proudest project to date : This baby blanket!

Craft : Crochet
Pattern : I am still learning to read patterns and love the ease of following Youtube tutorials. For this blanket I used "The Perfect Granny Square" from Ophelia Talks Crochet & the "Invisable Join" from Colleen Hayes and added a boarder with single crochet (UK)
Made for : My dear friend's first child
Size : Approximately 90x90cm
Needle / Size : 4mm Hook
Yarn : Milpost Merino Superfine DK in Mustard, Apricot, Dusty Pink, Light blue and Cream. Woolganic Yarn in Sangha
Quantity / Colour : I was able to make 5-6squares per ball. Approximately 12 balls for the squares and a couple extra Mustard for the border.

Overall project rating :
1-5 stars
5 stars! I'm thrilled with the result.
Skill level : for beginners -> to advanced.
Good beginner project. After mastering the classic granny this square is very achievable.

Notes or tips about your project : Deviations from the pattern, tricky moments, useful techniques & tutorials, things you would do differently, pitfalls…
I spent some time experimenting with different methods of joining the squares as I did not want to add a border around each square and liked the effect of the block colours snug against each other. I did some practice runs using scrap yarn before committing to the 'invisible join.'

I found it very helpful that Wendy at the Cast off Collective made swapping colours so easy. I originally chose a white yarn instead of the cream which felt a bit too stark when I considered the colour pallet together.

Anything else you’d like to share about the project :

This is the first substantial project I have completed to give to a very special friend and her daughter! I thoroughly enjoyed the many hours working with milpost and woolganic which are both so soft - like velvet butter. Making squares amongst packing, moving homes and COVID was such a nice grounding activity.



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