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Project Highlight - Emilie's Effervescent Pullover

2022 friends knit lace make/made sweater

2022 : September Project Highlight

We love Emilie's whimsical Effervescent pullover. Knitted in a beautiful sea glass shade of Skein Yarn Coastal, it sparkles and fizzes just as the pattern implies. The blend of merino and cotton with a matching ruffle in silk mohair make it the perfect pullover for spring days at the beach. 

Name : Emilie Seris
How long have you been knitting / crocheting : I did (knitting) as a child and teenager here and there with my grandma, very small projects such as scarves. I got back into it 10 years ago when my father was ill in hospital. It was a great distraction and I think of him when I see the project. Since then I have been knitting more and more. I must admit that the concepts of wool and the gang as a kit really got me back hooked about 7 years ago but happy to have moved to more complex projects since. I love the Scandinavian designs, modern, easy to wear and patterns that work. Many projects are in the wish list!! 
A bit of crochet every few years.
Your proudest project to date : I think the Effervescent Pullover, with a more complex lace and bottom up. I'd like to try colour work eventually and a project with cables

Craft : Knit
Pattern : Effervescent from Pom Pom Magazine Issue #40 by Aimee Sher
Made for : Me
Size : 3
Needle / Size : 4mm. Pattern recommended 3.75mm but I didn't get the gauge so went up to 4mm
Yarn : Coastal by skein yarn from cast off collective and custom order from skein for the kid silk (editor note : unfortunately Skein Yarn don't have the Coastal base available you could try BC Garn Bio Balance in the interim and the Kremke Silky Kid Mohair
Quantity / Colour : Sea glass. About 2.5 skeins = 250gr + a bit of silk mohair for the frill

Overall project rating : 1-5 stars
4 - I couldn't go 5 because it was bottom up!
Skill level : for beginners -> to advanced.
Intermediate with a bit of patience

Notes or tips about your project : Deviations from the pattern, tricky moments, useful techniques & tutorials, things you would do differently, pitfalls…

I found the bottom up hard as I wasn't sure how it would end up. I tried it on the best I could, estimating where the underarm would fall. In saying that it turned out great and sleeve island was done first!

I had to frog my first attempt at the lace as I had dropped stitches. I would recommend a lifeline if unsure but the first rows before the lace being purled helped picking up the stitches further down. 

Not to everyone's taste but I loved the Addi crasy trio for the sleeves. I would use thinner stitch markers next time as I was getting ladders in some areas in the smaller gauge.

I made some modifications, lengthened the sleeves (a bit hard with the bottom up but got there) and I lowered the frill down one motif

Anything else you’d like to share about the project :
This definitely needed blocking. I think blocking really perfects the garment.


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