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Laura's 'Summer' of Basics Make-along

I've started a three-month challenge! Sometimes six WIPs are not enough. It is being run, as it were, by Karen Templer of Fringe Supply Co, but you have to do the donkey work. The challenge is called Summer of Basics - as our northern hemisphere mates are currently enjoying what they describe as summer - and the idea is that you create three garments that your wardrobe needs or that you feel you will get a lot of wear out of. They don't have to be summer garments and you may knit, crochet or sew your items. It runs through June, July and August.

I had a think about what my wardrobe needs and was strongly led by the weather. So I have chosen a blue shawl for my first; I love blue, but all my shawls are multicoloured masses and blue is almost entirely absent. I'm not sure why that is, but it means my shawls always clash with whatever I'm wearing (usually something blue).

Blue Shawl on the blocking wires

Second item is a sweater. A blue one. I made a sweater in grey a couple of months ago and I like it a lot, but the neck is too wide for this weather (lets the cold in unless I wear a clashing scarf). So I'm making a better version, as I'd wear it all the time with less collarbone exposure.

The third piece is still a semi-mystery. I may go for leg-warmers, as my house is freezing and so am I. I bought a gorgeous pattern so would just need yarn. I also need a hat for the same reasons. I have some nice warm yarn, so would just need a pattern... I'll start thinking about it more seriously once the sweater is knitting itself.

Want to join in? There's still time and it's reasonably motivating! Visit for details.

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