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Sunburst by Yuko shimizu

2019 colour work knit make/made sweater WINTER

2019 : Sunburst by Yuko Shimizu

Birthday sweater for my 18 year old daughter. Hoping that it will be a treasured and memorable one ;-)

A quick knit slowed only in parts by the 3 & 4 stranded colour work and the frogging to lengthen the body.

So pleased with the outcome.


Craft : knit

Pattern : Sunburst by Yuko Shimizu
Yarn : Heirloom Merino Magic 10ply & Malabrigo Worsted
Colourway : Ink & Gum Grey (Heirloom) Molly & Uva (Malabrigo)
How Much : Ink 595m Gum Grey 170m. Small amounts (50m approx) of Uva and Molly for the colour pops.
Needle : 5.5mm & 6.5mm

Notes : A few mods along the way and some frogging to extend the length of the body.

Separate sleeves : cast on 9 in total under arm vs 17 suggested. 178 sts for body.

Body : skipped decrease rnd 4 and 8. added about 20 extra rows before short rows (knitted to end of body with 6 extra rows and decided it was too short - frogged to above short rows and added another 6cm) I have about 15cm between colourwork without blocking.

Sleeve: picked up 9 sts total for sleeve. 72sts. Rnd 1 dec 2sts to 70sts. Repeat rnds 1&2 66sts. Rnd 18 dec 2sts to 64sts. skip further decreases and knit to rnd 34 dec. Would add another 6 or so rounds to lengthen sleeve. Will add to cuff instead.


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