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2023 : Jalokovi (Gemstone)

2023 colour work knit make/made sweater WINTER

2023 : Jalokovi (Gemstone)

18th birthday sweater no 2. Inspiration from nature. Oversized colourwork pattern inspired by Wishbone Yarns beautiful project and the charts by Finnish designer Maikki-Noora Karvinen. 


Craft : Knit

Pattern : Jalokovi by Maikki-Noora Karvinen

Yarn : Main/background Malabrigo Rios (Fog) + BC Garn Bio Balance (Natural White) held together. Colourwork a mixture of Kremke Silky Kid, BC Garn Loch Lomond and Katia Cotton Cashmere.

Size : XS

Needle : 6.5mm (body) 6mm Ribbing

Notes : This is a real mashup of original pattern design, notes by Wishbone Yarn project and lots of trial and error.

I used some ladderback jacquard technique to manage long floats. Also some duplicate stitch to minimise multiple colours.  

In retrospect think I would increase size with extra pattern repeat and follow original pattern for XS. Maybe for version 2! 

Cast on 58 stitches on 6.5mm. 
Knit 1 row
increase 30sts evenly *k2, m1L* +1 (88sts) 11 repeats
no short rows or ribbing for neck
increases for yoke
rnd 4 +44sts
rnd 8 +44sts
rnd28 +22sts
rnd32 +22sts

Split sleeves row 43 (220sts) 65sts front & back 45 sleeve CO 10 under arm. 150 sts total body. 7 pattern repeats. 

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