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Carbeth : chunky knit cardigan

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2018 : chunky knit cardigan

A very satisfying quick knit - especially with rainy & chilly winter days in October! 

This has been in my queue for a long while. The sweater version reminded me of Elizabeth Zimmerman's Hurry-Up Last Minute Sweater. I thought the cardigan would suit me best :-)

The construction was interesting. Start at the bottom and knit up to under arm. Knit sleeves separately then join and continue to knit yoke with decreases. Take care on the decreases. Lots of techniques to learn and practice. 

The yarn was a trial - the guage (with single strand) and colour were perfect. 

I knitted it as the pattern without adjustments (apart from the one buttonhole). Many people have added length - I didn't and am happy with the very cropped result. Ravelry is a great resource for researching a pattern - checkout the comments and images of real people who have knitted it. 

Learning as I go. Maybe the smaller size next time. 


I also enjoyed listening to Kate Davies' TED talk whilst finishing the garment. Her's is an inspirational story. At 36 years old she suffered a stroke which left her left side paralysed. She articulates how knitting was a natural companion for her post-stroke life and helped her through recovery. Her knitting was always moving that little bit forward even if her body wasn't. She learnt to embrace slowness and limitations which enhanced her creativity. Now, eight years on, Kate designs beautiful knitwear inspired by the Scottish landscapes that surround her.

Craft: Knit

Patterns: Carbeth by Kate Davies
Yarn: Heirloom Merino Magic Chunky - Something I'm experimenting with Colourway: Buckwheat
How Much: 6 balls (just a bit of the 6th)
Needle: 6 & 6.5mm

Notes: Seems a little stretched along the decreases of the yoke. Might have been my tension. Wash and block helped.

Limited by button choice and didn't want a gaping icord edge decided to have only one button for neck. Mostly how I like to wear a cardigan anyway.



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