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Ravelry is one of our favourite online communities for knitters, crocheters, spinners, weavers, and dyers. It's often our first stop when looking for patterns and inspiration. Most designers have their patterns available through the site - for free or for purchase. It is a valuable resource and is free to use - thanks to the wonderful team at Ravelry and the community that have embraced it.

You can save your favourite patterns, collate them in bundles and add them to your queue. You are also welcome to add your own projects - with notes and photos which act as a notebook for you. This is super useful so you can see how a pattern performs by makers 'in the wild' around the world. Different yarns, colours, sizes and body shapes. The search facility is amazing and I'm always finding new and useful criteria and feature. We have a Cast off Collective group on Ravelry to share projects. You could join us too.

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