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2023 : Bulky Ski Hats

2023 beanie BEANIES hands knit

2023 : Bulky Ski Hats

Quick knits for a winter ski trip. Happily working through my stash from many years ago. Would be beautiful in the Malabrigo Rasta. Have fun playing with needle size and patterns.  


Craft : Knit

Pattern : See mish mash notes below
Yarn : 150g each Bulky weight yarns from my stash. Manos Del Uruguay Franca Algas and the pink was possibly picked up in Uralla 15 years ago!   
Quantity / Colour : 150g 100m
Needle : 8mm

Pink Hat : Simple 2x2 rib with crown shaping

Cast on 52 sts, join to knit in round

rnd 1 (k2,p2) repeat to end
Repeat rnd 1 until 23cm from cast on edge

crown shaping
rnd 2 (k2, p2tog) (13sts dec 39sts)
rnd 3 (k2tog, p1) (13sts dec 26sts)
rnd 4 (k1, p1)
rnd 5 (k2tog) (6sts dec 13sts)
rnd 6 knit
rnd 7 (k2tog) (7sts)

Weave tail through remaining stitches and secure tightly. 

Blue Hat : Garter stitch hat with slip stitch columns

Cast on 50st, join to knit in round

rnd 1 knit
rnd 2 (sl1pwyib, p4) repeat to end

repeat rnd 1&2 for 17 ridges

rnd 3 dec k3(ssk,k1,k2tog,k5)rpt,k2 (40sts)

rnd 4 (sl1pwyib, p3) repeat to end
rnd 5 knit
repeat rnd 4&5 two more times
repeat rnd 4

rnd 6 dec k2(ssk, k1,k2tog,k3)rpt,k1 (30sts)
rnd 7 (sl1pwyib,p2) repeat to end
rnd 8 knit
repeat rnds 7&8 once more
repeat rnd 7

rnd 9 dec (k1, ssk, k1, k2tog) (20sts)
rnd 10 (sl1pwyib, p1)

rnd 11 dec (k1,sl2kpo) repeat (10sts)
rnd 12 knit

rnd 13 k2tog to end (5sts)

Weave tail through remaining stitches and secure tightly. 

sl1pwyib : slip 1 purlwise with yarn in back


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