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2022 : Slouchy Hood

2022 colour work hood knit make/made steeking

2022 : Slouchy Hood

Deadline knitting at it's best. This project took me out of my comfort zone and  into some serious pattern hacks. The end result was worth it. Such a cute and cosy snow bunny.


Craft : Knit

Pattern : Slouchy Hood by Australian Yarn Company from Book of Beanies
Yarn : Patons Dreamtime 8ply
Quantity / Colour : 4 x col 4978 Stonewash Blue and 2x col Silver 2959
Size : E small adult
Needle : 3.75 & 4.5mm

Project Cost : $54 + pattern $14.95

Notes : Don't be fooled by pretty pictures ;-) I embarked on this project in a last minute dash for an impending ski trip and after seeing the great photography of the slouchy hood in a new pattern booklet! 

Short story : I steeked rather than knitted the colourwork flat. The size is very generous and would recommend checking closely.

Long story : After knitting the deep ribbed neck in the round, I started on the colourwork as instructed - knitted flat however I can't get good tension and flow with this method. I decided to quicken the process and leap into the world of steeking! Taking scissors to your knitting is not for the faint hearted but the speed and ease of knitting colourwork in the round was too much to resist. I added 5 stitches for the steek and researched a few tutorials online. It was a bit risky as the wool is machine washable and doesn't have the stickiness needed for successful steeking. Never mind I'm on a deadline. Happy days of knitting. Then the smaller section of colourwork for the crown flap that folds across the top had to be knitted in the round - a little bit fiddly but carry on... deadline is looming. Then the steeking with sewing machine on stand by. Crochet two rows to secure stitch that will be cut. Cut. No time to panic. All good though would recommend extra stitches for the steek especially when using a superwash yarn. Would also recommend sewing machine to reinforce. Used mattress stitch to join crown flap to cast off edges. Then picked up and knit the band to frame the face. Added a few extra rows to band. Weaved in the ends and then done. Am going to revisit the steeked edges and secure more thoroughly.

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