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2023 : Knitted Angels

2023 beginner christmas knit

2023 : Knitted Angels

Hopefully these knitted angels will bring a little peace to your festive season. Perfect project for beginner knitters. Coordinate with your Christmas theme to bring calm and joy.


Craft : Knit

Yarn & Needles : 
Larger Angels - Worsted / DK weight yarn on 4mm needles. 2cm wooden bead.
Smaller Angels - Fingering / 4PLY weight yarn on 3.25mm needles. 1.5cm wooden Bead.

Pattern : 
Body (make 1)
Cast on 27sts
*k2,p2* to last 3sts, k2, p1
Repeat this row till approx 8cm or 5cm for smaller
K2tog across next two rows = 7sts
Thread yarn through stitches and secure leaving a 1m length to attach wings and crochet the loop to hang.

Wings (make 1)
Cast on 11sts
*k2,p2* to last 3sts, k2, p1
Repeat this row till approx 11cm or 8cm for smaller
Bind off in pattern.

Use tail to gather wings at centre and attach to body. sew securely with 3-4 stitches.

Crochet a chain of approx 30sts and create a loop to hang. Thread the bead onto the loop.

Weave in ends.

Notes : Have used an uneven rib pattern to create the ruffled effect. The cast on should be a multiple of 4 plus 3. If you slip the last stitch with yarn in front (sl1wyif) the edge is lovely and smooth. Else simply purl the last stitch.

I found assorted size beads at the local Bunnings store.

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