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Yarn Tarot : For Crocheters, Knitters, Spinners and Weavers

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Yarn Tarot : For Crocheters, Knitters, Spinners and Weavers


Yarn Tarot is a wool-infused interpretation of the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck to reflect the modern and diverse fiber arts community with breathtaking artwork by Katie Ponder.

Inspired by the classic Rider-Waite tarot deck, Yarn Tarot is for anyone who appreciates wool- and yarn-related crafts. Each suit has been translated into a different fibre craft: swords become knitting needles, wands become crochet hooks, pentacles become hand-weaving looms, and cups become drop spindles. With characters of various races, genders, body types, and ages, Yarn Tarot reflects the inclusive morals of the fibre arts community.

All 78 major and minor arcana cards are represented with gorgeous illustrations in rich colours. Complete with a guidebook that includes core knowledge about reading tarot, example spreads, and upright and reversal meanings for each card, this deck is suitable for tarot readers of all levels, whether they are looking to inspire spiritual connection or aim for agnostic reflection.

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