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BOOK : Granny Square Academy by Shelley Husband

Shelley Husband

BOOK : Granny Square Academy by Shelley Husband


Take your beginner crochet skills to the next level

If you’re just starting out with crochet, then Shelley's Granny Square Academy is for you.  It teaches you how to read patterns along with a lot of other cool things so you can tackle any crochet pattern with confidence.

What will you learn in Granny Square Academy?

Here’s just a small sample of the topics covered in Granny Square Academy;

  • anatomy of various crochet stitches,
  • how to do the 4 most common crochet stitches,
  • how to work spike stitches, front posts, back posts, back loops only, clusters,
  • how to read written patterns,
  • how to join granny squares,
  • all my seamless crochet tips like joining with a stitch, what to do instead of ch3 (stch),
  • how to block granny squares,
  • how to change colour,
  • how to weave in ends and
  • a lot more!

About the author - Shelley designs crochet patterns that extend your skills, gently challenging and encouraging you to create crochet wonders.  She gets a kick out of seeing folks create beautiful crochet items they thought were beyond their skills. She lives by the coast in South West Victoria, Australia.

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