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Baktus Scarf - a favourite comfort knit

2020 beginner colour work knit make/made scarf shawl

2020 : Baktus Scarf

This is one of my favourite comfort knit projects. Weigh your yarn, choose an appropriate needle size and cast on 4 stitches!



Craft : Knit

Pattern : Baktus by Strikkelise
Yarn : Bulky weight, single ply gifted from a friend. Check out Wolfgang Scout for similar yarn
Colour : Dusty Pink & Natural 1 skein of each 200g total
Needle : 7 or 8mm - I can't remember!

Simple and fun two row stripes. You can also adapt the design to elongate the scarf for a narrower middle (increase/decrease every 6 rows for example).  

Pattern : 
Cast on 4 stitches
Row 1: k1, kfb, knit the rest of the row.
Row 2, 3 & 4: Knit to end.

Repeat rows 1 through 4 until you have used up half your yarn, or until your scarf is 50% of desired length.

Then decrease 1 every 4th row:
Row 1: k1, k2tog through the back loop. Knit the rest of the row.
Rows 2, 3 and 4: Knit to end.

When you have 4 stitches left, bind off.

k - knit
kfb - knit front and back
k2tog - knit 2 stitches together

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