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Grandma's Favourite : crochet string bag

2018 BAGS crochet make/made string bag

2018 : crochet string bag

Crochet string bags always remind me of my Grandma. She was a country lady who we adore visiting. In summer it was HOT so she would swap her knitting for crochet and cotton. There was never a time where she would sit and not be busy with a project.

Recently, I came across an old family circle crochet book and was thrilled to find two string bag patterns that I'm almost positive are the same as she used.

I laugh at how revolutionary we think we are with our plastic free campaigns... It's just common sense.

Craft: Crochet

Patterns: String Bag from Family Circle - Crochet to Treasure
Yarn: Patons Regal 4ply cotton
Colourway: Avocado
How Much: 2 balls
Hook: 3.5mm

cast away string bag   


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