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Crochet Cardigan

2020 BABIES baby crochet make/made

2020 : Crochet Cardigan

Simple crochet cardigan in Fiddlesticks Finch 10ply Cotton.


Craft : Crochet

Pattern : Scallop Trim Cardigan by Melissa Hassler
Yarn : Finch by Fiddlesticks 100% Cotton
Quantity : 2 balls
Colour : Jute 6203
Needle : 5mm
Size : 3/6 months

Notes : from Amanda

Tip: Turning chains do not counts as stitches. So don’t skip first stitch and don’t work into the turning chains.

Tip: Row 8 - do not count ch-spaces as stitches

Errata: Row 3 - 12/24 months: middle set of trebles are 32 not 33 as stated in pattern.


  • DC edge along bottom and front edges only.
  • made short sleeves and did just 3 rows

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