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Beautiful Fierce

Workshop: BEGINNERS Embroidery (2.5 hours)


Drawing with thread...

Learn the basics of hand embroidery, building layers of texture with needle and thread using simple stitches as a way of mark making.

We will cover basic hand embroidery stitches - running stitch, stem ( or outline) stitch, french knots, seed stitch, chain stitch and whatever else we can fit in :-) 

Also, learn about fabric, thread, needles and the basics of how to get a design onto the fabric and basic preparation of fabric

Emphasis will be on learning to 'play" with the stitches and mark making (not getting too hung up on getting it perfect!) - we will experiment with the Japanese approach to Boro textiles where mending and patchwork techniques are used to extend the life of worn out and used materials. Boro textiles reflect the Japanese aesthetic of wabi sabi where the imperfections, marks of use and age as well as the unfinished are considered part of the inherent beauty of an object.

All materials supplied. You will be supplied with an embroidery kit (to keep) - needles, thread, wooden hoop and fabric. There will be loads of fabric to play with on the day as well as lots of thread options.

Prerequisites : none

Tutor : Marianne Horton of Beautiful Fierce 

Marianne has a genuine passion for teaching and creating beautiful objects with simple tools and beautiful fibres. 

"Making things is one of my ways to tell a story - by shaping the material at hand, I am able to give voice to the tales of everyday life. Sometimes,those materials have their own words to add and so the story can often have a twist or an ending that surprises even the author."


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