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Workshop: Knit Continental Style (2.5 hours)

Beautiful Fierce

Workshop: Knit Continental Style (2.5 hours)


This class is for those who want to pick up the pace on their knitting.

We will be working on a swatch to practice the basic knit and purl continental techniques.

Additionally we will cover:

  • German twisted cast on - stretchier than other cast ons
  • Different selvedge techniques
  • 2-3 types of button holes
  • Kitchener stitch
  • then weaving in off ends

If time permits or for faster students we can explore:

  • i-cord cast on
  • practice continental 
  • i-cord edge
  • cast off - Jenni's surprisingly stretchy bind off

Please bring along to class : Bring along needles plus yarn for swatching. Also a swatch of your normal garter stitch and purl stitch. These will be used to compare the different tension you are likely to achieve with continental knitting. 

Tutor : Marianne Horton of Beautiful Fierce 

Marianne has a genuine passion for teaching and creating beautiful objects with simple tools and beautiful fibres. 

"Making things is one of my ways to tell a story - by shaping the material at hand, I am able to give voice to the tales of everyday life. Sometimes,those materials have their own words to add and so the story can often have a twist or an ending that surprises even the author."

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