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Slow Fashion October

As makers we understand the SLOW fashion movement.

It takes time to choose the right pattern, time to hunt down the right yarn and then time to put these together and make a garment. Not to mention the time to learn techniques, tweak patterns and the almost inevitable fixing of mistakes!

Karen Templer of the Fringe Association blog, began Slow Fashion October four years ago and has pieced together some of the best writing, resources and links to encourage and support a move away from "fast" fashion. She is thoughtful and authentic, documenting and sharing her journey towards an informed and conscientious wardrobe.

Start with Karen's Slow Fashion October blog. Read an interview with Karen Templer in interweave, watch the 14 minute Unravel video and embrace the weekly challenges and discussion prompts. I'm all for it. I'm happy to push back on fast fashion, to 'know' my style, make a closet assessment and build my own HANDMADE wardrobe. Are you?

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