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RESOURCES : ONLINE Help & Tutorials

When you're starting out on your crafting journey it can be daunting sifting through all the content, how to videos and inspiration available online. It's a lot like learning a new language and when you're stuck all alone you'll need some online friends. 

We have put together some of our FAVOURITE ONLINE help & resources to help you navigate and find what you need to move forward. 

It’s no secret that we are BIG fans of Purl Soho. They have the most beautiful colour inspiration and patterns - many are free and can be adapted to the yarn you have available. They also have the best step by step video tutorials around. The intro music sets the scene for an intimate tutorial on all those techniques that are impossible to keep bottled up in our heads - unless you are a knitting encylopedia! Check out their knit tutorials here. They also have beautifully photographed step by step tutorials on the basic crochet stitches, adjustable loop, basic granny squares and more. 

Learn how to knit well from the Brooklyn Tweed team. They have a considered range of foundation resources that will lift your knitting to a very high standard. One of the beauties of knitting is the endless amount of knowledge and skills that can be gained. Check out the BT Teams curated tips here. We also love the collaborations that BT have developed with the with design community. Even though we don't stock their wool with a little yarn substitution we're sure you'll be inspired. Check out their pattern collection here

Learn to knit with Tin Can Knits. These peeps are AMAZING and so generous. The Simple Collection has quick accessories and simple sweaters, sized from newborn to grandpa, in worsted weight yarn and best of all – the patterns are all free for you to use and share with your friends! Explore the patterns here.

Arne & Carlos are lovely guys from Norway who we were lucky enough to meet in 2017. Their YouTube channel is full of great tutorials to support their love of craft. Put the kettle on and check them out here.  

Polish up on your brioche techniques with Nancy Marchant. She is the undisputed queen of brioche knitting. Check out her one-stop resource for brioche here.  

Finding clear, straight to the point 'How-to...' You tube tutorials can be tough. However, thanks to these other online friends you can get help on everything from casting on, ssk, sock knitting, brioche and much more.

Knitting Help 
New Stitch a Day
The Unapologetic Knitter 

We hear great things about Bella Coco's crochet tutorials. Check her out here.

This is just a starting point for ONLINE help. Inspiration abounds and we haven't even mentioned Ravelry and Instagram!

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