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Monochrome granny square baby blanket

2019 baby blanket crochet make/made

2019 : Monochrome Baby blanket

Simple vintage styling. Combining the coolness of 100% organic cotton with the weight of DK.

A beautiful baby blanket for the new addition in your family.


Craft : crochet

Pattern : Basic granny square 
Yarn : Fibra Natura Cottonwood 100% organic cotton DK
Colourway : black & cream
How Much : 1 ball black & 13 balls cream
Hook : 4mm

Basic Granny square:
Round 1 black
Round 2-5 cream

64 squares (8 X 8 )

A dream to crochet over the summer months a bit daunting and time consuming to seam in mattress stitch but definitely worth it for the smooth finish.

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