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Meerschaum : pretty lace socks

knit lace make/made socks wip

2018 : Project 12

I'm having a little bit of a love affair with socks.They are useful, easy to commit too and highly transportable when you are on the go. A great in-between knit for when you are planning your next sweater project.

These have a beautiful nostalgic feel. Not super quick to knit with the lace pattern and 2.5mm needles tho! Suggest you send the family away camping and you stay home to knit and catchup on podcasts, binge watch netflix and enjoy the serenity... 

Craft: Knit

Pattern: Meerschaum by Sachiko Burgin available issue 5 Laine Magazine
Yarn:  Patons Merino Dreamtime 4ply
Colourway: silver and cream
How Much: 1 of each (hopefully :-)
Needle: 2.5mm

Notes: Knit the colour work cuff loose. I didn't drop down a needle size for the cuff.

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